"[A] stunning debut novel... From the first sentence to the last, this novel is rich with mystery and atmosphere... a mesmerizing journey." - Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Parry has constructed a heartbreaking, compelling tale that almost incredibly ends with a modicum of hope for those in the fin de siècle lower class of the Gilded Age." - New York Journal of Books

"Parry has woven an inventive and ingenious plot that carries the story along and builds to a fine level of suspense." - Washington Independent Review of Books

"[A] throat-grabber... an incredible first novel by a gifted writer who doesn’t leave a single narrative thread dangling." - The Missourian

"Church Of Marvels doesn’t ever solve all of the mysteries it presents, but it does provide a satisfying conclusion. In the end, what its intersecting stories show is that to find your place in a chaotic and changing world, you have to accept the things that make you stand out. Grade: A-." - The A.V. Club

"Parry... illuminates each enigma at the perfect moment and to devastating effect. Her debut novel is, in fact, a marvel." - The Gazette (Cedar Rapids)

"This is an unvarnished vision of the 19th century, the Gilded Age by way of Quentin Tarantino... the writing is often exquisite and Parry’s imagery is breathtaking." - New York Times